Rules Of



Every sport has common etiquette rules.  Bowling etiquette rules are very important Bowling Etiquettebecause the bowlers are so close together. Following some of the rules we have listed below will allow you and other bowlers to enjoy their bowling expericene.

1.  Always yield the right away to the bowler on your right.  If you are on the approach and the bowler to your right is on the approach, step back and allow them to bowl first.

2.  Do not eat or drink in the bowling area or on the approach because you are bowling on hardwood floors and they can become slippery.  Any fluid on the floor could cause a fall or injury to a bowler.

3.  Be prepared to bowl.  Do not have others waiting for you when it is your turn.

4.  Do not linger on the approach.  Once you have completed your throw, exit the bowling area allowing the next bowler to set up.

5.  Never use anyone else's bowling equipment without their permission

6.  Be respectful to surrounding bowlers.  Some people enjoy bowling as a leisure, but others play the game for competition. This could mean they have the possibilty to win money. Repect each individual bowler and allow them to concentrate so they can achieve that strike.