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Common Bowling Terms

Bowling uses certain terms to explain the game.  In order for you to understand the rules and regulations better, we will define the most common terms used by bowlers.

The Following Terms Apply To The Game Itself:Bowling Terminology

The Approach:  The approach is the area that you stand to prepare for your throw. This is simply the flooring that you stand on while you are throwing the ball.

Lane:  The lane is the floor that you throw the ball onto. This area is oiled to give the bowling ball a gliding effect to reach the pins.

Gutter:  A gutter is a pit on each side of the lane that the bowling ball falls into. If your ball enters the gutter it is deemed a "gutter ball" and you will score no points for that throw .

Gutter Ball:  When the bowling ball enters the gutter from the lane.

Foul:  A foul is determined when you cross the foul line during your bowl. The foul line separates the approach and the lane.

Straight Ball:  A straight ball is when a bowler throws the bowling ball straight down the lane.

Hook:  A hook is when the bowler puts a spin on the bowling ball while throwing it causing it to curve down the lane.

The Following Terms Apply To Scoring:Bowlers Trophy

Frame:  A frame is 1/10 of the game. A game of bowling has ten frames and there are ten frames on a score card. The bowler bowls twice in one frame.

Strike:  A strike is scored when the bowler knocks down all ten pins in the first throw.  When scoring a strike, points from the next two balls are doubled.

Strike Out: This is when a bowler bowls three strikes in a row in the 10th frame.

Spare:  A Spare is scored when the bowler knocks down all ten pins within in that frame. Usually this is done by knocking all the pins down in two throws or on the second throw.  When scoring a spare, points for the next ball are doubled.

Split:  A split is when a bowler knocks down all pins except the left pin and right pin on the back row causing a "split". The split is a bowlers nightmare, being the most difficult to knock down.

Turkey:  A turkey is when a bowler scores three strikes in a row.